Synthetic Drugs Detection Project - Precursors component

Implementing Organization
World Customs Organization in partnership with INCB

The Precursors component aims to mobilize customs administrations and strengthening controls on synthetic drug precursor chemicals.  
The goal of this component is to draw up useful risk indicators and profiling techniques for customs to carry out effective controls on the illicit diversion of legal precursor chemicals.  
A working group to identify the regulatory and technical challenges encountered by customs administrations will be formed to put forward recommendations and help develop the legal and regulatory framework.  
Customs control experts will be gathered to work on guidelines to improve risk analysis of precursor chemicals. 


This new component has not yet been implemented 

Project Activities

The Precursors component will aim to: 

  1. Improve risk analysis and profiling of high-risk shipments (customs expert group) 
  2. Identify regulatory and legislative challenges to improve the monitoring and control of precursor chemicals at borders (Seminar and working group bringing together experts from customs, INCB, scientists, the private sector, magistrates, etc.); 
  3. Strengthen capacity to detect trafficking in precursor chemicals through training and mentoring. 
Global Level Outcomes

Improved training in identifying suspicious imports/exports of precursor chemicals. 

National Level Outcomes

Improved knowledge and skills in the field of synthetic drug precursor chemicals, as measured by pre- and post-test examinations and demonstration of knowledge by trainees. Training must enable trainees to improve their ability to identify sensitive products, and to implement verification or investigation procedures.  

Current State Participants 

To be determined


Sylvain Raymond Drugs Programme Manager World Customs Organization Sylvain [dot] raymond [at] wcoomd [dot] org (Sylvain[dot]raymond[at]wcoomd[dot]org) SDDP [at] wcoomd [dot] org (SDDP[at]wcoomd[dot]org)