Working Groups

Working Groups serve in a steering function as a hub for regional and global engagement in the Coalition’s three key areas of focus. The goals of the Working Groups are to:

  1. Identify the thematic areas where international cooperation is best targeted and establish Sub-Working Groups on these topics in August 2023.
  2. Convene in March 2024 at the mid-point to receive Sub-Working Group reports and provide feedback on proposed activities and deliverables.
  3. Convene in September 2024 and receive Sub-Working Group reports on the results of the Coalition’s work, provide guidance on sustainability and future cooperation between Coalition participants, and keep senior policymakers informed of the Coalition’s progress over the course of the year.

Preventing the illicit manufacture and trafficking of synthetic drugs

This was the first thematic area identified by the Ministerial and declaration to be addressed by the Global Coalition. Broken into two sub-working groups, SWG 1.1 focuses Manufacturing of Synthetic Drug and their Precursors and SWG 1.2 addresses Trafficking of Synthetic Drugs.

Detecting Emerging Drug Threats and Use Patterns

Working Group Two is designed to improve data collection, increase information sharing, and better integrate of resources to improve our collective ability to respond to emerging drug trends. Sub-Working Group 2.1, entitled Data Collection, Analysis, and Trends, including Early Warning will focus on improving the availability and credibility of data to better spot and react to new trends. Sub-Working Group 2.2 will focus on Information Sharing, Interagency Collaboration, and Policy Formation to share best practices and close gaps exploited by Transnational Criminal Organizations.

Promoting public health interventions and services to prevent and reduce drug use, overdose, and other health related problems

Working Group Three is a critical component to the Global Coalition’s strategy. Recognizing that epidemics only end when we reduce the number of new cases, the Global Coalition will look at three distinct populations within its Sub-Working Groups. Sub-Working Group 3.1 will focus on Preventing Drug Use, Strengthening and Expanding Evidence-Based Prevention Activities. Sub Working Group 3.2 will address Engagement with People with Substance Use and Substance Abuse Disorders. Sub-Working Group 3.3 will address Populations in Contact with the Criminal Justice System, including Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI).