Baseline study on the offer of academic programs in demand reduction in universities

Implementing Organization
Organization of American States [OAS]

This proposal aims to develop an analysis of the current situation on the offer of academic programs in drug demand reduction in universities and other educational service providers, which can provide a starting point for the establishment of cooperation programs and projects between universities and national and international organizations working on the issue of demand reduction. 


Universities are generators and facilitators of the creation of knowledge in all areas, through their professors and researchers, who become knowledge managers and shape the professional lives of the citizens of a nation. In this sense, the role of universities in activities, projects and programs related to drug demand reduction becomes a key issue.  

Accomplishments to Date

CICAD is the Regional Coordinating Center of the International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction (ICUDDR) for Latin America and The Caribbean, with more than 66 universities in 17 member states of the OAS.  

Project Activities
  1. Mapping of the universities in the country 
  2. Coordination meetings with universities to inform them of the project, establish the project methodology and work schedule. 
  3. Development and piloting of questionnaires to establish the baseline. 
  4. Application of the questionnaires 
  5. Data analysis 
  6. Baseline report on the offer of academic programs in demand reduction in universities 
  7. Presentation of results to stakeholders.   
Global Level Outcomes
  1. Updated knowledge about the academic offer of universities in the area of drug demand reduction, which can serve as a basis for the design and/or strengthening of this offer. 
  2. Motivated the interest of universities to actively participate in international initiatives related to drug demand reduction. 
National Level Outcomes
  1. Establishment of key points of cooperation between universities, national drug entities and other stakeholders. 
  2. Support for research and training in drug demand reduction from academia. 
  3. Development of programs and projects in drug demand reduction in cooperation with universities. 

Alfonso Abarca Specialist Demand Reduction Unit Executive Secretariat of the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) Organization of American States (OAS) E-mail: aabarca [at] oas [dot] org (aabarca[at]oas[dot]org)