Specialized Training Program to Counter Trafficking of Synthetic Drugs and New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) Via Postal and Courier Services


In response to the growing trend of synthetic drugs and NPS being sold online and shipped through postal and courier services, this specialized training program is tailored to enhance the operational capacities of postal officers in profiling, detecting, and intercepting illicit drug shipments sent via mail. The methodology integrates theoretical lessons with practical exercises to ensure practical application of learned techniques.

Accomplishments to Date

This training initiative encompasses three core components: 

  1. Collaboration with stakeholders to identify appropriate participants, targeting both technical personnel and decision-makers.
  2. The training addresses crucial topics, including drug trafficking trends, concealment methods, postal security standards, the certification process in postal security, risk profiling, protection against risks in handling suspicious packages, and safety and security measures.
  3. Conducting follow-up engagements with decision-making participants to assess the improvement and implementation of measures. 
Global Level Outcomes
  • Enhanced Global Knowledge and Skills: The training is designed to increase expertise in risk profiling, thereby preventing the exploitation of legitimate national infrastructures for drug trafficking by international criminal organizations.
  • Strengthened International Cooperation: The program is tailored to provide participants with the necessary tools and strategies for successful collaboration with international partners and stakeholders.
  • Standardization of Practices: A key objective of the training is to promote standardized safety and security protocols in postal inspection, fostering a uniform and effective global approach to address these challenges. 
National Level Outcomes
  • Improved Profiling and Detection Skills: Enhanced expertise in profiling, detecting, and intercepting illicit drug shipments via postal services. This improvement can be measured quantitatively through pre- and post-training exams.
  • Enhanced Operational Effectiveness: Increased interception rates of drug consignments. This progress can be measured through regular, data-driven follow-up with operational supervisors. 
  • Strengthened Safety and Security Protocols: Bolstered safety and security measures in postal operations. This enhancement can be assessed through ongoing communication with decision-making participants and monitoring the implementation of procedures and certifications.

Ms. Ana Alvarez, Project Manager, Supply Reduction Unit, OAS/CICAD, amalvarez [at] oas [dot] org (amalvarez[at]oas[dot]org)

Current State Participants