SNOOP: State-of-the-art targeting tools and enforcement capacity to combat online synthetic opioids, dangerous NPS & related chemical trafficking

Implementing Organization

OPIOIDS Project | SNOOP (Scanning Novel Opioids Online Platforms) tool for use by enforcement focal points provides vendor marketplace profiles weekly for targeting the Boards lists of synthetic drugs with no known legitimate uses.  SNOOP supports capacity and special international operations and develops special alerts, notices and actionable intelligence packages to detect, deny, disrupt and dismantle organized crime groups exploiting online services. 

Accomplishments to Date

In 2023 alone, SNOOP (currently in beta testing) resulted in the development and dissemination of 36 actionable intelligence packages exchanged with law enforcement and trusted private sector partners targeting 1,700 marketplaces offering bulk sales of dangerous synthetic opioids that INCB has determined have no known legitimate uses for successful enforcement actions. INCB is aware of numerous investigations and operations which are underway by Project ION Task Force members-based intelligence exchanges derived from SNOOP. 

Project Activities
  1. Expand awareness of SNOOP capabilities for monitoring, collecting and developing intelligence that targets online traffickers of synthetic drugs, opioids, fentanyl and related chemicals for GRIDS enforcement focal point investigation. 
  2. Build capacity SNOOP intelligence tools and techniques for enforcement that identify, monitor and dismantle traffickers of synthetic drugs, opioids, fentanyl and related chemicals (training courses for 180 officers, annually).   
  3. Expand, inform and encourage key private sector companies through Government to use INCB Industry Guidance and to take actions that deny, disrupt and dismantle online traffickers identified via SNOOP targeting intelligence packages.   
  4. Prepare and disseminate actionable intelligence that identify online sources of manufacture, redistribution or sales of dangerous substances and equipment online to private sector and law enforcement for action (90 packages). 
  5. Develop, update and disseminate focal points key awareness raising and training materials for SNOOP (user guides, etc) intelligence training that support interdiction information gathering and INCB intelligence exchange for emerging dangerous substances and chemicals. 
  6. Prepare, coordinate and incorporate SNOOP targeting into INCB international special Operations and global alerts via the GRIDS Cyber Communications Centre (GC3), SNOOP enabled global ops/ alerts annually (minimum of 6).  


Global Level Outcomes
  • Detect, deny, disrupt and dismantle the source of trafficking of dangerous synthetic drugs INCB lists as having no known legitimate uses 
  • Reduce online exploitation of legitimate GRIDS private sector partners across the 4Ms (manufacturers, marketing, movement and monetization)  
  • Provide SNOOP enabled global operations and special alerts/ notification for enforcement focal points (6 annually, minimum) 
  • Exchange 90 intel packages 
National Level Outcomes
  • Train over 500 enforcement focal points on SNOOP targeting. 
  • Provide access to real-time intelligence 10,000 vendor marketplace offers weekly. 
  • Facilitate successful national and international investigations and takedowns of marketplaces and criminal groups. 
  • Reduce online exploitation of legitimate GRIDS private sector partners at the national level. 

Current State Participants

SNOOP (beta) has been successfully used by the OPIOIDS Project since 2021; it is currently being tested by INCB GRIDS Project ION Task Force members and select enforcement agency focal points from 12 law and regulatory agencies across 7 governments. 


Matthew [dot] Nice [at] un [dot] org (Matthew[dot]Nice[at]un[dot]org) Manager, GRIDS Programme HQ | Global OPIOIDS Project Secretariat of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB)