Comprehensive School-Based Drug Prevention Continuum

Implementing Organization

The Prevention Continuum is a school-based universal prevention strategy for reducing the use of alcohol and other drugs targeting youth throughout the entire education cycle (age 6 to 18). The goal this program is to improve social skills to strengthen protective factors and reduce the influence of risk factors associated with substance use in students at the different grades and consistently across the school system.  

In the region, few countries have implemented evidence-based prevention strategies that target students throughout the entire education spectrum: from pre-school to high-school. In that regard, this initiative will seek to expand the supply of low-cost evidence-based prevention strategies for reducing drug targeting children and youth in all levels of the school system. 


Though its Executive Secretariat, CICAD works to support member states build their capacity and develop evidence-based policies and programs that address the complex social, economic, and public health issues related to drug use. By promoting a comprehensive and evidence-based approach, CICAD aims to help member states reduce the harms associated with drug use and promote the health and well-being of individuals and communities throughout the Americas. 
OAS - Structure 

Accomplishments to Date

The program has been implemented in 91 schools and reached approximately 61,000 students in Chile 

Project Activities
  1. Cultural Adaptation of the Program: 
  • Customize the program to fit the cultural context, taking into account language, traditions, and community values.
  • Ensure the program is relevant and sensitive to the local community's needs. 
  1. Stakeholder Engagement: 
  • Identify and engage key stakeholders, including educators, parents, students, community leaders, and relevant government agencies. 
  1. Development of a Youth-Led Youth Strategy to Raise Awareness of Substance Use Among Youth with a Special Focus on Synthetic Drugs  
    Following trainings in the youth in prevention curriculum and media-based curriculum, a 3-day youth conference will be held with youth leaders to develop a Regional/National youth-led strategy to raise awareness on substance use among youth with a special focus on synthetic drugs.  
Global Level Outcomes
  • Build the capacity of youth to take action in drug use prevention and health promotion.  
  • Foster youth leadership to build strategic alliances with international organizations, youth organizations, government agencies, and civil society partners for advocating youth participation in drug use prevention and health promotion 
National Level Outcomes
  • Increase youth participation in drug demand reduction through the development and implementation of youth-led initiatives. 
  • Equip young people with knowledge and skills to focus on a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their peers in their communities. 
  • Facilitate the development of action plans for drug use prevention initiatives.  

Isabella Araújo Senior Program Officer Demand Reduction Unit Executive Secretariat of the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) Organization of American States (OAS) E-mail: iaraujo [at] oas [dot] org (iaraujo[at]oas[dot]org)

Current State Participants