Strengthen public-private partnerships and industry cooperation to combat the diversion of precursor chemicals

Implementing Organization

INCB’s activities related to cooperation with industry aim at: raising awareness about the merits and potential of such cooperation in addressing the illicit manufacture of drugs; supporting Governments by developing guidance materials, practical tools and resources, including facilitating twinning between Governments for sharing of good practices; supporting/guiding Governments to map their national industry landscapes.


INCB activities in the area of promoting the concept of industry cooperation related to precursors

Accomplishments to Date
  • Governments have used INCB’s tools and other resources in practice, including, for example, the twinning initiative, to develop or further enhance the cooperation with industry; 
  • The twinning initiative, led by INCB, resulted in a concrete outcome – a country has established the cooperation with industry, signed an MoU, adopted a voluntary code of conduct and has continued to raise awareness and sensitize the relevant industries to prevent chemicals from being used in the illicit manufacture of drugs; 
  • Under the auspices of INCB, a number of countries have mapped their national industry landscapes;   
  • A number of shipments prevented from being diverted from licit into illicit channels.
Project Activities
  • INCB has taken a number of initiatives that advanced the knowledge and raised awareness about the industry cooperation concept and supported Governments in developing or enhancing such concept on the national level (expert group meetings, conferences, global surveys, CND side events, twinning as well as industry mapping initiative);
  • A number of INCB tools and resources developed (please see the list in the section above).
Global Level Outcomes

Improved sharing of information related to suspicious orders and transactions, including with INCB, to prevent precursors, non-scheduled chemicals including designer precursors from being diverted from licit to illicit channels

National Level Outcomes
  • The cooperation with industry concept established and implemented; 
  • All relevant industries mapped and sensitized; 
  • Information about suspicious requests and transactions shared by industry with national authorities to help alert other companies in the same country; 
  • Sharing of such information with INCB (through the respective national authorities) to alert the authorities of other countries, thus helping to prevent traffickers from placing the same order elsewhere.

Current State Participation

A number of Governments and organizations, including private sector associations, have actively participated in/supported the INCB activities. 

Mapping of industry initiative: The following countries have confirmed their engagement in the initiative: Canada, Germany, India, Mexico, Switzerland and the United States of America. (Other countries expected to follow.)

Twinning initiative: the United Republic of Tanzania (best practices and experiences provided by France and Switzerland)


Precursors Control Section Secretariat of the International Narcotics Control Board incb [dot] precursors [at] un [dot] org (incb[dot]precursors[at]un[dot]org)

Current State Participants
United States