Enhancement of the capacity of front line officers in crime scene investigation.

Implementing Organization
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

The Crime Scene Investigation courses introduce crime scene investigation and forensic sciences, and the role they play in the investigation process. It offers a holistic view of the journey from crime scene to courtroom.  This course addresses the types of physical evidence, the importance of chain of custody and quality assurance principles. Participants will develop the skills needed to recognize, document, and preserve scenes and physical evidence. They will learn to use and maintain CSI equipment and material, implement anti-contamination measures, record and document scenes, and recover, preserve, document, and package physical evidence. 

Project Activities

20 officers from 1 country received training in 2023   

Global Level Outcomes

Member States have enhanced capacity in crime scene investigation ensuring the security and quality of evidence processed at crime scenes, leading to more effect identification of the causes of crime and more accurate law enforcement decisions and policy

National Level Outcomes

Frontline officers have enhanced capacity in crime scene investigation 

Current State Participants

In 2023, training was provided to 20 law enforcement officers in Nigeria. 


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Current State Participants